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Phillip was born circa 1750 in England. He immigrated to America and possibly served as a male nurse during the revolutionary war. He may have resided for awhile in Maryland or Virginia, but he more likely resided in Rowan County, NC in 1778. He married (circa 1775-80)Salome Club, who was born circa 1755 possibly in NC.

Phillip was a farmer, and he and Salome resided in Union County, SC in 1790. At that time they had up to four sons and six daughters. On 11 March 1790 Phillip and Salome sold 125 acres of land in Union County to Barlet Wharton for forty pounds. On 7 of May 1793 Phillip repurchased 125 acres of land from Barlet Wharton for thirty pounds sterling. In 1800 Phillip and Salome resided in Greenville District, SC. At that time they had up to five sons and six daughters living with them. In November 1813 Phillip sold three parcels of land (a total of 220 acres for $435.00) in Greenville District. On 4 November 1816 he purchased 200 acres of land in Pendleton District, SC, from William Butt for $500.00 The land was situated on the south side of the Chauga Creek waters of the Tugaloo River. Phillip and Salome resided in Pickens (Old Pendleton) District \sc in 1820, and Salome died after 1820. Phillip resided in Pickens Districts in 1830 and died after 1830. Phillip and Salome had 17 children. (Note: in 1826 Pendleton District SC was formed into Pickens and Anderson Districts SC and the name Pendleton was discarded as a district name.

This information is from Roger Chambers book (Sept. 1982).


Phillip and Salome had 17 children.

1. Haley CHAMBERS mar______HUGHES = 1 ch

l. John Chambers

2. Mollie CHAMBERS mar BILL SANDFORD = 4 ch

1. Zelphia Sandford (b 1807 SC) Res Pickens Dis, SC (1850) mar

John Dickson (b 1800 SC) 5 ch: Lomda, Marshal, John J., Wilham, Andrew.

2. Zellie Sandford mar Robert Dickson.

3. Barak Sandford (b 1809 SC) member Holly Springs Baptist Church, res Pickens Dis.SC)          ch:  Sarah, Thomas, Mary, James, Rhoda, Wilham, Jesse, Martha & Elizabeth

4. Unknown

3. Nancy CHAMBERS mar Bill Hughes 2 ch

1. Pricilla Hughes mar Shem Carney

2. Kezia Hughes

4. Thomas (Tommie) CHAMBERS unmar.

5. Lemuel CHAMBERS mar Polly ANTNIE 4 ch

1. Jim Chambers

2. Aveline Chambers

3. Caroline Chambers

4. Charlie Chambers

6. Sarah CHAMBERS (b 1788)

7. Jennette CHAMBERS (b ca. 1790 SC)

8. James CHAMBERS (b ca. 1790 SC unmar)

9. John CHAMBERS (b ca. 1790 SC unmar) Member Holly Springs Baptist Church, farmer and res Pendleton Dis, SC (1820) & Pickens Di, SC (1830, 1840, 1850) mar Julia Ann Sandford (b ca.1805 NC) 9 ch

1, John H. Chambers (b 1815 SC) member Holly Springs Baptist Church, res Pickens Dis., SC (1850) mar Cynthia Certain (b 1830 SC) 2 known ch: John & Phillip

2. Mahalie Chambers (b1820 NC) unmar

3. Phillip Chambers (b 1822 SC) probable member Holly Springs Baptist Church, res Pickens Dis, SC (1860) mar Lydia Brewer (b 1831 GA) 4 kn ch: Sandy A, John P., William J., Sanford.

4. William Chambers (b 1825 SC) res Pickens Dis, SC (1860)

5. Mary Chambers (b 1827) unmar

6. James Chambers (b 1828 SC) crippled, unmar

7, Salome Club Chambers (b 1833) unmar.

8. Agnes Chambers (b 1835) unmar

9. Julia Ann "Annie" Chambers (b 1837 SC) mar Terrell Speed

10. Barak CHAMBERS (b Feb 1792 SC--7 Feb 1847 SC) mar Agnes SANFORD (1797 SC -- Jun 1890 AL) 15 ch

11. Kezia CHAMBERS (b 1795 SC)

Other children of Phillip and Salome Club Chambers may include Lamech, Phillip, Rebecca, Spencer and William.