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To the personal site of 
Norris Chambers
An Old Timer who wishes to 
pass along Old Timer Tales. 


White Settlement Historical Museum; 

Texas Connection; 

Startext Virtual Texan; 

WhiteSettlement Area Chamber of Commerce


Copyright (c) 1998

Take a trip back in time with Norris to an era when everything and everybody moved at a slower pace. The only alarm clock needed was a healthy rooster and the only transportation required was a pair of legs, a horse or a beat-up Model T Ford.

Please click on the Old Timer Tale of your choice:

  • A 'Possum Chews Tobacco 
  • Good Old Chicken 
  • How We Made Gasoline 
  • Circus Time 
  • Good Old Peanut Butter 
  • Cucklebur and Tumbleweed 
  • Country Engineering 
  • Making Syrup at Home 
  • Assembling Products For Profit 
  • Typing Conan Stories 
  • Making Rubber Stamps 
  • If In Doubt, Use A Washpot! 
  • Hot Music on a Burned Fiddle 
  • Mail Can Bring A Surprise 
  • Stuffing Envelopes 
  • Where Has All The Carbide Gone? 
  • Big Balloons Were Big Fun 
  • Remember The Choo-Choo Trains? 
  • Old Time 'Possum Hunting 
  • Have Fun With A Merry-go-round 
  • Model T's Had Character 
  • Crystal Radios Are Fun  
  • Buggy Whip Justice  
  • To Bee Or Not To Bee!  
  • Border Radio Of The Thirties 
  • Treasure Is Where You Find It 
  • A Hermit's Home 
  • Building Sand Castles 
  • Making Butter Wasn't Easy 
  • The Story of a Fifty Year Marriage 
  • Water!Water! Give me Water!  
  • My Old Cabin Home  
  • Childhood Days of an Old Timer  
  • A Famous Fighting Turkey  
  • Milking Is For Milkmaids!  
  • Searching For Gold in Colorado  
  • A Night In Sand Lapper Country  
  • Everybody Needs A Donkey  
  • Digging Can Be Fun!  
  • Don't Depend on a Pocket Knife  
  • Norris always appreciates your comments