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JOHN A. CHAMBERS -   Please send any additional information or comments to:

John A. Chambers (1817 in PA - 1883 in WV)
    m. Susan Kerr (1816-1857)
         Anne     1838  m. John Quigley
         Benjamin 1840  m. Mary J. Hinerman
              one son that I know of - Ward
         Wilson   1842
         George   1844  m. Elizabeth (?)
                           children:Wiley, Ellis, Laura and Harry L.
         Lydia    1852  m. J. S. Parker
         Jane     1843  never married
   After Susan died, we think John married Mary (Standiford ?)
         There was one more child, Frank b. 1865 m. Janie Marsh
         It is believed that Frank was John's illegitimate son,
         having been found on the doorstep of John's home shortly
         after his birth.

We also believe John's father may have been Aden, but have no proof.
There are no records at the Court House and information above was found through census records and tombstones, and deeds.

Phyllis Miernik Chambers

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